May Design Challenge – Modified

Every month Beacon of Creation tests its community with a design challenge. This month the design challenge is…

Maybe She’s Born With It – Design a card using modified with cosmetic flavor.

The design comes from the famous slogan for the cosmetics company Maybelline — “Maybe she’s born with it, maybe it’s Maybelline.” Tim posted a 1991 commercial from the brand to help inspire the submitters.

Every design challenge also comes with some optional bonus points the submitters can apply as well. This weeks bonus points come from Tim and Design League Moderator Redbay:

  • Tim’s Bonus Points: Maybe it’s May-Beleren – Include blue in the colors of the card.
  • Redbay’s Bonus Points: Mode-ified: your design includes “choose one”

Platypeople’s Submission


Poodles Galore 2UR
Legendary Creature – Dog Wizard
When CARDNAME enters the battlefield, put a menace counter on target creature.
Whenever a modified creature you control attacks, choose one —

  • Tap up to one target creature.
  • Put a stun counter on up to one target creature.


Design Notes: This is a powerful legendary creature that might feel at home in commander, but has potential to be brutal in 1v1 formats.

Magic References: Peter and Tim try and recall what blue dogs exist in magic. Here’s all the ones they missed.

Other References: Tim and Peter can’t figure out the reference but if you think you know it pop in the discord and fill them in.

Dillon’s Submission


Eye Shadow 1U
Creature – Eye Shade (R)
As long as Eye Shadow is modified, it has shadow.
Whenever Eye Shadow deals combat damage to a player, look at the top card of that player’s library, then choose one —

  • Each player mills 1.
  • Each player draws a card, then discards a card.


Design Notes: An extremely witty design that feels at home in black border or an unset. It has a lot of runaway potential in the case where the board stalls out in limited.

Magic References: Tim and Peter reflect on some eyes from magic’s history.

Larcent’s Submission


Touch-Up Artist 2U
Creature - Vedalken Wizard
The first time a creature you control becomes modified each turn, choose one:
Draw a card, then discard a card.
"Ooh...lovely! But you know what could make it even better?"
By Larcent

Design Notes: A really flavorful build around that we like to see. Both payoffs work well in a deck with a lot of cards that modify creatures. This has an interesting synergy with cheap equipment.

Magic References: Shout out to all the bonesaw fans.

Bone Saw 0
Artifact - Equipment
Equipped creature gets +1/+0
Equip 1
In a world where death is always violent, cruel weapons are as common as rocks.

CryptRat’s Submission


Choose one or both —
Put a hexproof counter on target creature you control.
Modified creatures you control can't be blocked this turn.
by CryptRat

Design Notes: It seems like this card doesn’t have to be modal and the cases to choose only one mode are pretty niche. There are some questions on the merit of hexproof counters over shield counters, but the costing and flavor on this card are quality.

Magic References: If you want more win rate stats on cards like Saiba Cryptomancer check out 17Lands.

Saiba Cryptomancer 1U
Backup 1
"Good luck getting through a class-seven proxy ward, creep."

Other References: Sailor Moon Cosmos releases this month!

Angel Bro’s Submission


Preem Chrome GWU
Choose two —
Put a +1/+1 counter on up to three target creatures you control.
Distribute a trample counter, a vigilance counter,m and a flying counter among creatures you control.
MOdified creatures you control gain hexproof.
Unmodified creatures target opponent controls phase out.
by Angel Bro

Design Notes: This card seems like a lot of fun in a proactive aggro or midrange shell. The cards flexibility is a huge selling point for commander. Neither host noticed that this technically doesn’t qualify for Redbay’s bonus point.

Magic Notes: Peter ends up comparing this card to Cryptic Command, and Tim has some ideas for this in a Perrie, the Pulverizer deck.

Other References: Preem Definition

GrrrBear’s Submission


Kami no Keshohin 2UB
Creature - Spirit
When Kami no Keshohin attacks, you may choose target modified creature. If you do, chooose one
Kami no Keshohin becomes a copy of that creature and gains this ability
move any number of counters from that creature to kami no keshohin
by GrrrBear

Design Notes: The modes on this card work together to make a unique clone that cares about modified creatures. It is a lot of setup, but these clones tend to be. The flavor is a hit with both Peter and Tim.

Other References: Keshohin Definition

Redbay’s Submission


Costumer’s Closet 2UU
Artifact (R)
Whenever a modified creature you control becomes the target of a spell or an ability an opponent controls for the first time each turn, that creature phases out.
Whenever a creature you control phases in, you may choose one —

  • Draw a card, then discard a card.
  • That creature can’t be blocked this turn.

Design Notes: This is a cool use of phasing even if your creatures probably aren’t going to get targeted that often while its out. The protection is still really nice if you’re investing a lot of resources to modify your creatures.

Magic References: Both Tim and Peter appreciate that this card is a lot nicer than Kira.

Sage B’s Submission


Masquerade 1U
Attach up to one target Equipment you control to target creature you control.
Then choose one:
Target modified creature you control phases out.
target modified creature you control connives.
by Sage B

Design Notes: The modes on this card definitely feel blue, but attaching an equipment feels like it might be a bend. Maybe it could fit in a Masquerade themed set like Grand Gala. There is quite a bit of set up here so you definitely want it to be a high impact equipment.

Magic References: Tim is looking to play this card with Colossus Hammer, and Peter fumbled his reference to Fumble.

Eshlelim’s Submission


Cytoplasm Graftmage 1GU
Creature – Human Mutant Wizard (R)
T: Put a +1/+1 counter on another target unmodified creature.
When a creature you control becomes modified, choose one –

  • Put a +1/+1 counter on that creature.
  • Put a deathtouch counter on that creature.
  • Put a hexproof counter on that creature.

Watermark: Simic Combine
Flavor Text: Some cytoplasm would really help you look your best self. Would you like me to apply

Design Notes: This is a really powerful protection ability with an on-rate body. Peter can help but wonder if shield counters would be better than hexproof. Depending on what format this is designed for might impact design tweaks.

Magic References: The hosts bring up Mother of Runes several times while discussing this card.

Wobbles’ Submission


Devito, Desairologist 1WR

Legendary Creature – Human Wizard

When you cast this spell, counters remain on creature cards you control as they move between the battlefield and the graveyard. (This effect lasts indefinitely.)

Each modified creature card in your graveyard has unearth. The unearth cost is equal to that card’s mana cost.


Design Notes: There is some confusion as to whether this needs to set a rule or if it’s fine as a passive effect. The technology specifying only battlefield and graveyard is nice touch.

Magic References: Everyone loves to see more graveyard themes in Boros like Hofri Ghostforge.

Other References: Here is the article Wobbles shared with the hosts.

JamesGover’s Submission


Sticky Simic Street Mutt UG
Creature – Mutant Dog
When Sticky Simic Street Mutt enters the battlefield you may return target modified creature to its owners hand. If you do and you controlled that creature, for each counter that was on it put a counter of that kind on Sticky Simic Street Mutt, then for each permanent that was attached to it attach that permanent to Sticky Simic Street Mutt.

Design Notes: This is a solid protection spell that could fill a nice niche in a modify heavy format. The body itself isn’t that exciting to attach auras and equipment to. There are some rules questions about getting this card to work as intended.

Magic References: Peter wonders if there’s room to make a call back to and old staple. Tim also wants you to know that the ramparts in the watermark are off balance.

ChurchWizard’s Submission


Brilliant Complexion XURW
When Brilliant Complexion enters the battlefield, put a shield counter on each of up to X target creatures.
Whenever a modified creature you control attacks, it gains your choice of flying lifelink or trample.
Where the light of her face falls so falls her blessing.

Design Notes: This is really powerful enchantment that’s good at multiple points in the game and looks really fun to play. Peter loves that shield counters make an appearance. Tim does wonder when he wants trample and not flying.

Bradley Rose’s Submission


Share Makeup WU
Enchantment – Aura (R)
Whenever you cast an Aura spell that targets only a single creature, if that creature isn’t modified and you control one or more other creatures that aren’t modified that spell could target, choose one of those creatures. Copy that spell. The copy targets the chosen creature. (Equipment, Auras you control, and counters are modifications.)

Design Notes: It’s cool to see an aura matters card that cares about going wide versus going tall.

Magic References: This card works really well with auras that make tokens or sacrifice themselves to “unmodify the creature.” (Don’t ask Peter why he knows Tattoo Ward off the top of his head.)

Patrick’s Submission


Concealer U
Modified Creatures you control have ward 2
2 tap put a beauty counter on target creature

Design Notes: This is the card that works best with all the other cards in the challenge. This card has a lot of fun puns throughout. Ward 2 feels really good here because it forces the player to be proactive.

Wasianpower’s Submission


Design Notes: A very humorous submission that lands for the two hosts that have been on the internet for long enough. This card has a funny interaction in the mirror. The red color indicator for some extra meme points is choice.

Other References: If you need a recap on the history of this meme click here.

Favorite Submissions!

Each week the hosts pick their favorite submission.

Tim’s Favorite: Eye Shadow by Dillon

Peter’s Favorite: Brilliant Complexion by ChurchWizard