• Make It More…. Spooky!

    Make It More…. Spooky!

    Tim and Peter get together to — make it more… SPOOKY!

  • Live Design: Codename Hitchock

    Live Design: Codename Hitchock

    This week Juliet and Monowhiteborder discuss his work in progress set, Codename Hitchcock, themed around the Golden Era of Hollywood Cinema from the 1930s to early 1960s.

  • Set in Progress – Runeterra Jumpstart

    Set in Progress – Runeterra Jumpstart

    This week, Tim is joined by Fblthp, who is so lost he’s found himself in another IP! Fblthp has 4 different jumpstart packs to discuss from his Runetrra set, a custom magic jumpstart project based on League of Legends. Strap in and check your cool-downs as we delve into Runterra Jumpstart: Noxus. Runterra is the…

  • July Design Challenge – Tokens

    July Design Challenge – Tokens

    This month we had a listener submitted design challenge from Craftedlavaistrue! We got a whopping 18 submission containing some of the most unique, unusual, and rarely seen tokens in Magic: the Gathering because “Twoken play at that game!” The Challenge: Choose a token which is only produced by a single existing card. Design a new…

  • June Design Challenge – Insects

    June Design Challenge – Insects

    Buggy big bugs! We asked for your 6/3 insects with some sort of design flaw. We got a swarm of submissions, so Tim’s friends joined Hayley as a guest! The “bugs” in each card are each their own little puzzle and it’s fun to dig into the rules. The Challenge: Design an Insect, Pest, or…

  • Set Spotlight – “Such a Little Thing”

    Set Spotlight – “Such a Little Thing”

    Join us unearthing a custom LOTR set made before the new Wizards set! Lots of mechanics and flavor to talk about!

  • Set Spotlight – Animus Vox

    Set Spotlight – Animus Vox

    This week Juliet and Kaiyu are joined by Pipsqueak, creator of Lovesong, to discuss her newest set — Animus Vox.

  • MDub’s Extremely Wrong and Just for Fun Design League Analytics

    MDub’s Extremely Wrong and Just for Fun Design League Analytics

    Monowhiteborder delves into the top submissions from the first four rounds of the Design League.

  • May Design Challenge – Modified

    May Design Challenge – Modified

    Every month Beacon of Creation tests its community with a design challenge. This month the design challenge is… Maybe She’s Born With It – Design a card using modified with cosmetic flavor. The design comes from the famous slogan for the cosmetics company Maybelline — “Maybe she’s born with it, maybe it’s Maybelline.” Tim posted…

  • Unpacking – The Grand Gala

    Unpacking – The Grand Gala

    In Unpacking, we go one-by-one through cards in a pack. We learn what we can from just the cards in front of us; no set summary and no knowledge of the mechanics. It’s a fun way to see cards with fresh eyes. This time Ludos GD joins Tim in going through a pack of The…