Unpacking – The Grand Gala

In Unpacking, we go one-by-one through cards in a pack. We learn what we can from just the cards in front of us; no set summary and no knowledge of the mechanics. It’s a fun way to see cards with fresh eyes.

This time Ludos GD joins Tim in going through a pack of The Grand Gala by Squidpizza. We go in with only an image of a person dressed for a Masquerade Ball standing on a balcony as roses fall around them. Come along with us as we discover the set through the lens of a pack.

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The host are greeted by a land.

Forgotten study is another strong dual land much like what was seen on the previous trip to the Silver City. Ludos points out the counter synergy that could be for the set as a whole or this color pair. Tim notes the explosive potential of a land putting two loyalty counters on a planeswalker.

Ludos continues through the pack and discovers an artifact.

The hosts don’t draw too many conclusions about the set from this card. Both note it is a flexible piece that can help support a variety of decks.

Never deterred the hosts press on and find their first creature in the pack.

The hosts have their +1/+1 counter suspicions confirmed, and Tim starts to think about the potential flavor elements of the set.

Ludos pulls a the next card in the pack to uncover a returning mechanic.

The hosts are stumped by this card trying to figure out how it will fit into the set. Ludos wonders if there will be a land in graveyards theme. Tim compares this to Cleansing Wildfire and theorizes that this is for Landfall. The hosts also take some time to discuss the flavor of the card.

Left with more questions, the hosts press forward and find a new mechanic.

The hosts find the text from the land only now on a creature as reminder text. They debate whether there will be more Planeswalkers in the usual. Then TIm and Ludos try and figure out if this creature is a reference to Rome or Greece. Tim takes some time to appreciate the synergy between this card and Ulfarl’s Wildfire.

Next, Ludos reads a black card from the set.

Instantly, the hosts take note of the word planeswalker in another textbox. Ludos notes the less than stellar rate on the card. The hosts continue to ponder the flavor elements of this set and wonder who Alonzo might be.

The hosts’ eyes go wide as they read the next card.

The hosts delve into “accomplice” right away. Ludos guesses that your accomplice could be a planeswalker. In an attempt to understand the latter half of the rules text, the hosts suspect your accomplice might also exist in a separate zone like companions.

The first white card is up next.

Ludos is ecstatic for a legendary matters card, and Tim points out that planeswalkers are legendary as well. Both hosts seem impressed by this white two drop. Tim starts to wonder if we will see uncommon planeswalkers.

The host go on to tackle another common.

Tim and Ludos spend some time taking in the flavor before looking at the strength of the card. Then the hosts wonder about how planeswalker friendly the is shaping up to be.

Ludos reads another card that says the word planeswalker.

Ludos starts to see an aristocrats archetype taking form in the black white flavor pair. The hosts start to think about the size of the world and whether the breath of cultures are from this plane or from several.

Tim pulls the “big fish” of the set.

The hosts instantly take note of how well this creature attacks planeswalkers. Tim mentions that while a six drop is expensive, this set might be a little slower if it features a lot of planeswalkers.

Ludos is disappointed to find out the first uncommon isn’t a planeswalker.

A veteran of sets in a mansion, Tim starts to unpack some of the flavor present in this card before tackling the gameplay. The host continue to believe that accopmlish is going to be a strong mechanic despite some lingering questions.

A creature is the follow up.

The hosts continue to be impressed by the amount of planeswalker support, but are still antsy to see a planeswalker.

Thankfully, they don’t have to wait long.

The hosts start to unpack the long awaited arrival of the accomplice mechanic. They reflect on companion and how this differs appreciating some of the fixes. Ludos raises the question of how beseech works after you have the planeswalker in your hand. Tim and Ludos try to work out how much beseech is necessary for a deck.

Finally, the hosts arrive at the rare of the pack.

The host see a life gain payoff for Sindy’s Cure from earlier. Both suspect that this is a full cycle in all five colors. Tim appreciates a rare that shows the breath of the set outside of planeswalkers.

Tim and Ludos dig deeper into the card file to see what they got right and what they got wrong from their Unpacking.