Category: Show Notes

  • Cools Card from Design League!

    Cools Card from Design League!

    Our competition, the Design League, just finished its first half. Come listen to the great cards designed for this competition. Along the way you’ll also get the POV of both a competitor and a judge for the league.

  • “Halfway There” Challenge Review

    “Halfway There” Challenge Review

    This month’s challenge review takes on Partner With commanders. We’ve got a whole bunch of great submissions from Kithkin to Moby Dick! Lots of crazy flavor, technology, and even some mystery.

  • Lorwyn and Ravnica Collide in a New Pack

    Lorwyn and Ravnica Collide in a New Pack

    We built a pack together and it came out very Lorwyn-y! Patrick and khord22 hop on the pod to tell Tim all about it. Listen in to learn about collaborating on Magic designs!

  • Ancient Kamigawa and Environment Design

    Ancient Kamigawa and Environment Design

    We bring the past into the present! Returning guest thesixthroc describes how they tried errata and custom cards to bring original Kamigawa to the present.

  • Cascade Challenge Review

    Cascade Challenge Review

    We asked for your gold Cascade + Discover designs and you responded! A full seventeen submissions for this challenge, all inspiring fun ways to play with cards off the top.

  • Hat Trick! Random Hats with Random Legends

    Hat Trick! Random Hats with Random Legends

    Coming off fedoras on Faerie Detectives and Stetsons on Homarids, Redbay cooked up a “hats for legends” generator! He and MonoWhiteBorder grab some hats, put them on some fan favorites, and do some live design.

  • All About Eldrazi

    All About Eldrazi

    Modern Horizons 3 is bringing back the broods and titans, so it’s time to venture back into the Blind Eternities! The Eldrazi are a super-cool creature type that has gotten some, but not a ton, of exploration over the years.

  • How to Win Design League

    How to Win Design League

    Design League starts back up May 26th, and to get you ready we’ve got League Emperor Redbay and longtime judges Juliet and Tim. They talk through the process, their judging styles, and even live design and judge a card on air!

  • Design Crossover – Midnight Suns

    Design Crossover – Midnight Suns

    Heat up your cauldron and practice your hexes because we’re going goth! We’re looking at the videogame Midnight Suns and seeing what we can carry back into Magic.

  • Solar Eclipse Challenge Review

    Solar Eclipse Challenge Review

    We’re taking your submissions one day (and night) at a time! We asked for your common day/nightbound cards and we got a bumper crop!