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  • Set Spotlight – Seasons of War

    Set Spotlight – Seasons of War

    This week is the long-awaited spotlight on Seasons of War, the custom commander limited set! Creator Timespiraled joins the show to tell us everything they learned making it and what they enjoy about the final product!

  • Unpacking – Memories of the Silver City

    Unpacking – Memories of the Silver City

    In Unpacking, we go one-by-one through cards in a pack. We learn what we can from just the cards in front of us; no set summary and no knowledge of the mechanics. It’s a fun way to see cards with fresh eyes. This time Redbay joins Tim in going through…

  • April Design Challenge – Ultimatums

    April Design Challenge – Ultimatums

    We put our foot down and issue an ultimatum: design us some great cards! You know the community is going to give us a huge haul of cool designs and plenty to talk about.

  • For Sale: Stately Castmire Manor

    For Sale: Stately Castmire Manor

    Episode 300 is here! We recap Castmire, the community-designed spooky mansion set. How it came to be, all the mechanics, and the potential directions for the set!  Come chat with everyone on our Discord: Castmire theme is “Nightmare” by

  • Set Spotlight – Merveaux

    Set Spotlight – Merveaux

    Learn all about Mattelonian’s art and performance set, Merveaux! We learn all about what it takes to merge artifacts, enchantments, and three color wedges into one heavily playtested package.

  • Planechase Returns w/Fblthp

    Planechase Returns w/Fblthp

    Realmbreaker has reconnected all the planes and we’re reconnecting with a format from the early 2010s: Planechase! This multiplayer-focused format switches rules early and often. What makes a good Plane card? Are the bad cards fun or just part of the…

  • March of the Machines Challenge Review

    March of the Machines Challenge Review

    March is over and your entries to the design challenge are here! Tim and Juliet review a sometimes-aquatic variety of artifact soldiers. There’s lobsters, legions, french fish, swampy subs, an underwater robot, an undercover otter, overarmor,…