The Podcast

The Beacon of Creation podcast, a weekly podcast on Magic: the Gathering design, was started in 2018 by Adam Victor Klesh (aka MadOlaf) and Bradley Rose (aka Bradley Rose). Initially about The Great Design Search 3, it now covers a wide variety of Magic design and has brought on dozens of guests.

The show interacts directly with its audience through it’s signature Design Challenges. These once a month challenges take submissions from everyone and are read and discussed on the show. More than a hundred designers have had their designs read on the air, and many of them have submitted dozens of cards.

Some other signature Beacon projects from past and present are:

  • Moxtober, a riff on Inktober where each day has a new prompt. Participants often choose a theme or project for Moxtober, such as drawing their prompts, designing on a new plane, or piecing together a set.
  • The Design League, a Discord-based design competition that went from dozens of open contestants to a top 8 and finally a winner.
  • Castmire, a community-developed custom Magic set taking place in spooky, sprawling mansion.