Make It More…. Spooky!

Tim and Peter have returned to make some Magic cards from the past more magical, but in the spirit of the season, the hosts have picked some spooky cards from Magic’s history for the prompts. Each host will take on the role of set designer and ask their fellow cast member to — make it more… SPOOOOOOOKY!

PROMPT 1 (00:42)

Odric, Blood-Cursed was a big flop on release and we want to fix that. We are going to keep him a vampire and keep the blood tokens, but make it a better call back to his previous cards Odric, Master Tactician and Odric, Lunarch Marshal. It should also be a good build around for commander. Make it more…


PROMPT 2 (9:20)

We are making commander decks around the characters of Murder at Karlov Manner. One such character is Vexacia, a blue/red character who is known to be obsessive about her interests, including her love interests. Give us a twist on this overwhelming obsession starting from the card Mind’s Desire. Make it more…


PROMPT 3 (17:25)

We are making a new unset and we want this unset to go back to the classics of destroying magic cards. We want the set to have the traditional two mana black conditional removal spell (just like Terror). It would be nice for the condition to have an unset feel, but it’s not required. The requirement is that the player should want to tear the card up for some reason. Make it more…


PROMPT 4 (24:10)

We’re doing an extra pass on some Lost Caverns of Ixalan Alchemy cards and want to add some very high drop creatures for synergy reasons. We want something big and alien like Grozoth from original Ravnica, but think it spends too much space on those defender clauses. Make it more…


PROMPT 5 (36:25)

We want to revisit a couple of recent skeletons that missed the flavor mark. This group of skeletons all have something nice going on but don’t feel like skeletons. We want you to make a card that combines the elements of these skeletons (Cult Conscript, Skeleton Archer, Underworld Sentinel) while also nailing the iconic reassembling/regenerating/returning flavor of skeletons. Make these more…


PROMPT 6 (49:30)

Gavin Verhay is running another unknown event. These are typically draft events with custom cards mixed in. The event is happening at the same time as the release of the Fallout commander decks, but the draft environment is still Murders at Karlov Manor. We’d like you to bring back the playtest mechanic Upgrade (as seen on Weaponized Scrap) while straddling the Fallout and Murders at Karlov Manor flavor. Make it more…


Aaaannnnd… that’s our podcast for the week. Join the discord to participate in our design challenge or join the discussion on this week’s episode.