Set in Progress – Runeterra Jumpstart

This week, Tim is joined by Fblthp, who is so lost he’s found himself in another IP! Fblthp has 4 different jumpstart packs to discuss from his Runetrra set, a custom magic jumpstart project based on League of Legends. Strap in and check your cool-downs as we delve into Runterra Jumpstart: Noxus.

Runterra is the setting for the video games League of Legends, Legends of Runterra, and Teamfight Tactics, as well as, the television show Arcane. It’s a large world with several different regions people call home. Each region has its own unique culture, ideals, and societies. You can find more information about the champions and world of Runeterra by visiting the Universe Webpage.

For this episode, Fblthp and Tim focus on the Noxus Empire a meritocracy where anyone can rise to the top. Each pack is inspired by a champion from League of Legends — such as Swain, Darius, Leblanc, and Kled. Similar to the original Jumpstart each pack is mono colored. Each comes with a rare representing the champion and a signature spell to go with them. These cards are accompanied by 10 other cards that are flavored around the champion using existing Magic mechanics.

Swain (8:15)

Swain is a well stated creature that connives whenever anyone’s creature dies. He then uses the dead and discarded creatures to fuel his activated ability and kill off more enemies. His abilities capture his cunning as the general of the Noxus forces.

The connive from Swain also feeds into the delirium aspect of the pack that cares about having different types in your graveyard.

Darius (10:38)

Similar to Swain, Darius is an efficient body, but Darius cares about going wide with other creatures. Darius cares about the survival of the Noxus and that’s represented both by his ability and his color identity.

To help keep the army of Noxus fighting strong, Darius’s pack features Captain Kalrix. This card is a clever use of backup that acts as an anthem on your turn, but gives your team +2/+2 the first turn it’s on the battlefield. Similar to Darius, Captain Kalrix might look at home in the Gruul Clan but in Noxus he’s a white creature.

Leblanc (15:40)

Leblanc features a re-flavored version of Ninjitsu to help her deceive those who would try and stop her. Leblanc is a tricky card to play as she both wants an evasion creature to help her deception ability, and something juicy to copy.

Mimicry is a spell that helps Leblanc to trick her way to victory. The goal for Leblanc was to give her the feeling that she could use her craftiness to turn anything on the battlefield against her enemies.

To help enable Leblanc, Wicked Demagogue is a solid creature to copy. She features a nice damage ability on a solid body making her great to deception in and then later copy with Leblanc.

Kled (21:40)

Kled is a creature that has a big personality in a small package. The boast is a powerful ability to help you dominate your opponent in combat. As a 3/2 with first strike he can put up a fight in combat, but may need some extra tricks to survive in the late game. Tricks like…

CHAAAAAAAARGE!!! The mana from this spell can help support the boast theme of the pack or help buff creatures to deal huge amounts of damage.


If you want to check out the other cards form the pack, you can find them at Planesculptors here.

There are tons of champions left to go so keep an eye out for more champions as Fblthp designs them.

If you’d like to discuss the cards, participate in the design challenge, or just say hi check out our discord.