Cascade Challenge Review

We asked for your gold Cascade + Discover designs and you responded! A full seventeen submissions for this challenge, all inspiring fun ways to play with cards off the top.

The Submissions!

Qirn’s Submission

LudosGD’s Submission

Redbay’s Submission

Juliet’s Submission

CryptRat’s Submission

Sagebeez’s Submission

Larcent’s Submission

Pat’s Submission

Wobbles’s Submission

SomeOddGuy’s Submission

Bass’s Submission

MonoWhiteBorder’s Submission

JamesDaltonBell’s Submission

Xena’s Submission

Home Slice’s Submission

Bradley Rose’s Submission

justnigel’s Submission


Kayiu: Meren’s Resolve, Vis-Breath Hellkite, Commander of the Meek, Maelstrom Riptide

Tim: Rootha, Seek Carmot