• Set Spotlight – Hyperpop

    Set Spotlight – Hyperpop

    Kayiu hosts a look at color-blasted, music-infused future set Hyperpop! Creators platypeople and IgnitedxSoul give you a comprehensive look starting with abandoned mechanics, then talking through the featured keywords, into themes, and finally some Revolution constructed shots.

  • For Sale: Stately Castmire Manor

    For Sale: Stately Castmire Manor

    Episode 300 is here! We recap Castmire, the community-designed spooky mansion set. How it came to be, all the mechanics, and the potential directions for the set!  Come chat with everyone on our Discord: Castmire theme is “Nightmare” by

  • Set Spotlight – Merveaux

    Set Spotlight – Merveaux

    Learn all about Mattelonian’s art and performance set, Merveaux! We learn all about what it takes to merge artifacts, enchantments, and three color wedges into one heavily playtested package.

  • Ludoflavorative Resonance – Cat’s Meow

    Ludoflavorative Resonance – Cat’s Meow

    Juliet and Susan discuss the things Cats are always known for: having antlers, flying, and having jobs! We break down some of Magic’s most influential and adventurous felines, and together design a blue(paw)print card for what the future of this…

  • Planechase Returns w/Fblthp

    Planechase Returns w/Fblthp

    Realmbreaker has reconnected all the planes and we’re reconnecting with a format from the early 2010s: Planechase! This multiplayer-focused format switches rules early and often. What makes a good Plane card? Are the bad cards fun or just part of the…

  • March of the Machines Challenge Review

    March of the Machines Challenge Review

    March is over and your entries to the design challenge are here! Tim and Juliet review a sometimes-aquatic variety of artifact soldiers. There’s lobsters, legions, french fish, swampy subs, an underwater robot, an undercover otter, overarmor,…