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  • Set Spotlight – Seasons of War

    Set Spotlight – Seasons of War

    This week is the long-awaited spotlight on Seasons of War, the custom commander limited set! Creator Timespiraled joins the show to tell us everything they learned making it and what they enjoy about the final product!

  • Set Spotlight – Hyperpop

    Set Spotlight – Hyperpop

    Kayiu hosts a look at color-blasted, music-infused future set Hyperpop! Creators platypeople and IgnitedxSoul give you a comprehensive look starting with abandoned mechanics, then talking through the featured keywords, into themes, and finally some Revolution constructed shots.

  • Set Spotlight – Merveaux

    Set Spotlight – Merveaux

    Learn all about Mattelonian’s art and performance set, Merveaux! We learn all about what it takes to merge artifacts, enchantments, and three color wedges into one heavily playtested package.