Design Crossover – Midnight Suns

Heat up your cauldron and practice your hexes because we’re going goth! We’re looking at the videogame Midnight Suns and seeing what we can carry back into Magic. This card-based strategy game is by the same studio as the Civilzation and X-Com games, so it’s coming from a different starting point. Tim and Peter talk through the gameplay and extrapolate where Magic could take those ideas.

This game is a card-based strategy game. Your three heroes versus the forces of the demon Lilith and the army of Hydra. Each turn you have:

  • Three card plays
  • Two redraws (think cycling for no mana)
  • One move to reposition

In the episode we talk through what it would be like if Magic had built-in redraws. We also talk about the “heroism” system, an Energy-like system where some cards are uncastable until you’ve cast some smaller abilities to build up.

We also talk about the card merging system, where you can give up your two copies of a regular card to get a single better version of that card. We saw some potential in bringing that to a cube environment.

We also talk through some of the keywords in the set, and especially spend time thinking about how you could create a draft environment with more creature tokens but more ways to blow away small creatures.