Following Signposts – Thunder Junction Arc-Uns, part 1

New set! New mechanics! New episode format??? We kick the tires on a new way to break down arcuns, those gold cards we get every set that help define draft. Rather than going for power rankings or in-depth numbers on a whole set, we’re trying to model how people see these cards for the first time. To do that, we’ve got four categories:

  • Excitement: Is this a cool new strategy? Do these two cards inspire us?
  • Accuracy: Do we believe decks will actually be able to play this strategy?
  • Synergy: Does this make unused cards great? Are these cards only good in the right deck?
  • Raw Strength: Are these two cards useful on their own? Do these cards lead me to this color pair?

This was such a fun way to break down cards that we went DEEP. Originally one ep, we broke this into two! Look forward to more next week!

ExcitementAccuracySynergyRaw Strength
split votes are Peter/Tim ratings