Mechanics Draft! First Ten Years

Super fun ep!!! We strategize, agonize, and finally pick mechanics from Magic’s past, one at a time, snake drafted between Tim, Gabe, and Peter! What starts as a simple exercise turns into a thrilling competition. Everything from the pre-Modern era of Magic is on the table except for those pesky evergreen keywords.

The Full List

This is the list we started with:


Landwalk (Alpha)

Protection (Alpha)

Banding (Alpha)

Regenerate (Alpha)

Rampage (Legends)

Cumulative Upkeep (Ice Age)

Flanking (Mirage)

Phasing (Mirage)

Buyback (Tempest)

Shadow (Tempest)

Cycling (Urza’s Saga)

Echo (Urza’s Saga)

Horsemanship (P3K)

Fading (Nemesis)

Kicker (Invasion)

Flashback (Odyssey)

Madness (Odyssey)

Fear (Onslaught)

Morph (Onslaught)

Amplify (Legions)

Provoke (Legions)

Storm (Scourge)

Shroud (Legends)

Ability Words

Domain (Invasion)

Threshold (Odyssey)


Poison counters (Legends)

Other Distinct Mechanics

Snow (Ice Age)

Pitch cards (Alliances)

Charms (Visions)

Slivers (Tempest)

Manlands (Urza’s Legacy)

Rebel Searching (Mercadian Masques)

Rhystic (Prophecy)

Split Cards (Invasion)

Nightmare ETB/LTB Laquatus’s Champ (Torment)

Wishes (Judgment)

Spellshaper (Mercadian Masques)

Our Picks

WhitePhasing (10th)Protection (14th)Slivers (12th)
BlueBuyback (15th)Flashback (2nd)Shadow (18th)
BlackRegenerate (16th)Threshold (8th)Poison Counters (7th)
RedCycling (3rd)Pitch Card (11th)Storm (6th)
GreenMorph (4th)Manlands (17th)Kicker (1st)
WildcardSnow (9th)Split Cards (5th)Domain (13th)