Why Does Simic Struggle in Limited?

Recently, MTG Data Science on Twitter/X posted about win rates of color pairs across many sets and Simic sat alone at the bottom. Tim and Peter dive into why that might be and look at the Simic signposts from the last few years to get the vibe of how successful each theme is.

Original Tweet: https://twitter.com/mtg_ds/status/1730414469644189748

LCI – Explore Midrange – 8th Place

WOE – Big Spells – 9th Place

LTR – Tempo Elves with Scry-matters – 10th

MOM – Transformation Matters – 7th-ish

ONE – Proliferate and Poison – 10th

BRO – Big powerstone ramp – 10th

DMU – Domain Ramp – 10th, sort of

Though technically 10th, it’s not intended to be only two colors

SNC – Kinda irrelevant, just part of Brokers

NEO – Channel Ramp – 5th

VOW – Self-Mill – Tied for 8th

MID – Flashback – Tied for 3rd

AFR – Ramp into Abilities – 8th (along with rest of U)

STX – 8 lands matters – 2nd of 5

KHM – Shapeshifters/snow – T-8th

ZNR – 6th