MORE Baldur’s Gate 3 Re-Designs!

We’ve got Gaby back on the pod for more live designing! You don’t need to know anything about the game to listen… we cover what you need! We take a look at the cards for Halsin, Minthara, and Jaheira from the Magic set and give each a facelift to match them to their personalities in the videogame.


Original card:

  • Burly, wise, chill guy
  • First met shapeshifted into a cave bear
  • Cave bear is a special druid for he has that other druids in the game don’t
  • Looking to heal the curse on the area known as the Shadowlands
  • Is technically in charge of the emerald grove but is chill about it

Our redesign:


Original card:

  • Stern, deep voice commander sent to marshal goblin forces to overrun the druid grove
  • A miniboss for most players. You can take the evil route and team up with her. She’s a Paladin
  • Brands her minions to better command them
  • After saving her, find out she was brainwashed!
  • But even after undoing brainwashing, she is still super evil 🙂
  • Noble background


Original card:

  • Carryover character from BG1+2
  • Well known hero and leader, has been a Harper for a century
  • Cutscenes really like to focus on her twin scimitars
  • Also uses entangling vines in a cutscene and uses deception to try to feed you truth serum. Has spy craft skills, will ambush, etc.
  • Soldier background

Our version: