Janu-Faerie Challenge Review

This week, Tim and guest Legion_of_Four team up to review your entries to the Janu-Faerie challenge:

platypeople’s Entry

CryptRat’s Entry

Dragon of the West’s Entry

Grrrbear’s Entry

Redbay’s Entry

MonoWhiteBorder’s Entry

Larcent’s Entry

justnigel’s Entry

Sage B’s Entry

SillyPhilly’s Entry

Gene’s Entry

Patrick’s Entry

Bonus After the Deadline

We had two more entries come after the deadline. I figured I’d mini-review them here!

Wobble’s Entry

List of Evidence cards: https://mtg.fandom.com/wiki/Ravnica:_Clue_Edition#List_of_Evidence_cards

At least in the base Clue-Magic game, those evidence cards aren’t in anyone’s decks. The idea here seems to be you can give up some of your own hidden evidence to remove good cards from your opponent’s deck?

Selenthe’s Entry

Fun use of seek!! You can either get yourself more Phalanxes (by putting the card on top) or more of your mutate host (by putting it on top). Very nice!