Oct-faux-ber Challenge Review

Last month’s design challenge was:

Oct-faux-ber: Choose the rules text of an existing card. Design a new card using that text, changing no more than one word in that text box.

Bonus Points Octo-faux-ber: Put an 8 on it.

Platypeople’s Submission (2:40)

CraftedLavaisTrue’s Submission (5:38)

(Crafted’s first submission ended up getting spoiled in Dr Who a few days later! The WHO card is Into the Time Vortex)

Dragon of the West’s Submission (9:55)

Justnigel’s Submission (12:30)

Dr. Robin Zoro’s Submission (16:30)

Gene’s Submission (19:30)

Grrrbear’s Submission (23:22)

Ash’s Submission (26:54)

Redbay’s Submission (30:17)

Occam’s Razorback’s Submission (33:50)

JBMannon’s Submission (37:38)

Apo’s Submission (41:50)

Wobbles’ Submission (46:11)

MonoWhiteBorder’s Submission (50:30)

Juliet’s Submission (54:12)

CryptRat’s Submission (56:45)

Thevoidknight’s Submission (1:00:06)

Bradley Rose’s Submission (1:02:35)

JamesDaltonBell’s Submission (1:05:25)


Christopher’s Favorites: Captivating Djinn and Brennan Lee Mulligan

Tim’s Favorites: Pricess Kayla, Urza’s Wife and Viridian Dawn