Moxtober – Guess the Prompt

Moxtober is the big yearly Magic design event in the custom community! We’ve got the creator of Moxtober on the pod this week. We talk about where this year’s prompts came from, then we play a game where we review some cards and try to guess which prompt goes with which card!

Guess a Prompt

See if you can guess the prompt for each of these cards!

Card 1, by Apo from the Beacon of Creation Discord:

Card 2, by u/BorosMeow on reddit:

Card 3, by Boof Troupe (

Card 4, by Midnight Feline on Custom Magic Discord:

Card 5, by kcduel on Twitter/X

Card 6, by Rshig on MSE Discord:

Card 7, by Ikarus_forever_DM on TikTok:

Card 8, by mark_confidant on Twitch:

Card 9, but Elizabeth on the MTG.Design Discord:

Guess a Prompt Answers

One more prompt image to give some padding. 🙂