Con-September Challenge Review

Your challenge was using concept art from the 2024 Magic sets. Our job is to review them all and pick our favorites! From tiny pirate ships to Italian assassins to twenty-one swords, this month’s Design Challenge is packed with fun and clever designs!

Redbay’s Submission

Partner with Captain Vargus Wrath

rowan’s Submission

Partner with Belisarius Cawl

JamesDaltonBell’s Submission

justnigel’s Submission

MonoWhiteBorder’s Submission

occam razorback’s Submission

Partners with Tatyova, Benthic Druid

Dillon’s Submission

Partner with Niv-Mizzet, Supreme

wobbles’s Sumission

Sage B’s Submission

Partner with Queen Marchesa

Thevoidknight’s Submission

Partner with Old Rutstein

Larcent’s Submission

Mark Confidant’s Submission

Bradley Rose’s Submission

Partner with Astor, Bearer of Blades

patrick’s Submission