Unpacking – Memories of the Silver City

In Unpacking, we go one-by-one through cards in a pack. We learn what we can from just the cards in front of us; no set summary and no knowledge of the mechanics. It’s a fun way to see cards with fresh eyes.

This time Redbay joins Tim in going through a pack of Memories of the Silver City by Chartate101/Emily. We go in just seeing a picture of a green forest portal in a run-down city. Come along with us as we discover the set through the lens of a pack.

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The pack starts off with a dual land.

It’s a strong dual, but Tim and Redbay aren’t willing to hang their hats on any obvious themes yet.

Next up, Tim and Redbay find a colorless curve filler.

The hosts entertain the idea that gravehate might be of some importance in this set. Redbay suggests delirium might come up later, and Tim compares this piece to some of the gravehate cards from Theros Beyond Death.

Curious about the next card, the host pull another creature.

Redbay and Tim wonder if this is the first indication of a green faction in the set. Next the theorize about the type of deck they would want to build around. Redbay notes that artifacts tend to have plenty of activated abilities, and Tim suspects there may be a clue, food, or other similar token in the set.

The first look an an enchantment from the set is next.

Tim sees some potential for a modified-like mechanic after seeing this card. Redbay notices an ample amount of sacrifice on the card.

Another noncreature spell with reference to a possible planeswalker makes an appearance next.

Instantly the hosts recognize the artistic departure of this card from the others. Redbay starts to wonder if this set is making a unique spin on the color pie.

In search of more answers, Tim and Redbay tackle another card.

The hosts learn graveyard order matters and start to wonder what other funky things the set is looking to do. Redbay and Tim note how some of the cards have an old school feel.

Next up is a creature card.

This card connects a lot of the bread crumbs already left by the pack. Tim notes the card might want some artifacts that sacrifice themselves, and Redbay isn’t convinced this is a blue card.

After that is the first white card.

Tim connects the dots between this card and The City Never Sleeps. Redbay points out how this interacts with Security Council as well.

Next, Redbay finds a reprint.

Redbay and Tim start to feel more confidant that Grot is a Black Green Planeswalker. Then both host fantasize about removing a sick bomb from the top of the top of their opponent’s graveyard.

Redbay moves on to the next card.

Redbay confirms their earlier suspicion that there are multiple types of memories. Next the hosts talk about how The City Never Sleeps might help you trigger enchantment memory.

Tim checks out the next card.

Redbay takes note of a cheap artifact to put in the graveyard for artifact memory. Tim wonders about the viability of a flicker deck in the format.

The hosts find the first uncommon.

Tim and Redbay explore refresh for the first time and cement the idea that graveyard matters. Tim note that type matters too. Both hosts take time to appreciate the flavor text in the set.

Tim tackles the next card.

Tim starts to wonder if each color gets a unique type of memory. Redbay appreciates that exiling a card doesn’t impact the top card of your graveyard.

Only two cards left.

Tim suspects this might be a signpost uncommon and Redbay is reminded of a similar archetype from Neon Dynasty. Tim explores how the flavor is unique from Neon Dynasty and notes that this pack doesn’t show off a ton of support.

A mythic rare rounds out the pack.

The hosts wonder how well this planeswalker fits into the set having not seen a lot of instance and sorceries.

Tim and Redbay recap the the major notes from the pack and pull together their overall impression of the set. They dig deeper into the card file to see what they got right and what they got wrong from their Unpacking.