Join Moxtober!

What is Moxtober?

For those of you who don’t know. Moxtober is a month long creative challenge like Inktober, but focused around Magic the Gathering creative projects in general, and for a lot of people specifically around custom Magic cards. 31 prompts, 31 days.

How do I participate?

The simplest way to participate is to submit cards. You can do that by posting cards here and adding [Mox22] to your title, posting on twitter with the hashtag #MTGMoxtober, or posting them on the Beacon of Creation discord server or other custom magic discord servers.

For more advanced stuff you can do, creating content with other people’s cards is a totally cool way to participate. Critiquing cards, riffing on mechanics designed by others, making decklists for custom cards or other stuff like that is all also totally welcome. Last year /u/kayiu102 reviewed cards for every day of Moxtober with a bunch of other folks.

So yeah! That’s Moxtober. I hope to see you all out there making some cool cards.