Two Previews for Theros Triumphant!

Mako’s custom set Theros Triumphant is doing previews right now on the MSE Discord and he sent me over two cards to check out!

Wisdom from Ephara

Our first card is Prognosticate:

Splitting the difference evenly between Serum Visions and Preordain, this is a generally solid cantrip for any spellslinger deck or deck trying to fill its graveyard with instants and sorceries.

We also saw Scry-matters in the LOTR set. I thought it’d be interesting to see how this played with those. The first group are cards like Elrond, who cares about the amount of cards seen while scrying. Those are OK with Prognosticate.

Better than that are cards that care about each instance of scrying. One mana for two scry triggers is about as efficient as you could hope for. Cards like Glorf and Nimrodel don’t scale that heavily off lots of scries, but it’s hard to beat getting two counters with Chance-Met or Arwen. Some rare build-arounds would work great with the card, too.

The last two canon scry cards are appropriately from Theros! Prognosticate works well with either. K&P seems like it would be fun with Lightning Rift in draft.

Mako said Scry-matters was the UW theme for the set. I’m thinking some limited designs could be:

  • Scry -> Gain flying or vigilance
  • Scry -> Pay to get a bird
  • Scry -> Target creature gets -3/-0 UEOT

Maybe we’ll see Heroic and a “When you target me, +1/+1 and scry 1” for the crossover??

Power from Mogis

Our other card is a fierce little troublestarter.

This first reminded me of the Satyr token from Theros

That path wants me to create lots of the cheapest tokens I can, so the +1 power a big upgrade to what they’re doing.

Maybe even better are things that create tokens based on their own power. That way we’re double dipping on the bonus.

Pack tacts and Formidable seem like they could benefit from that extra nudge of power.

Mako mentioned to me that the Black-Red theme is “power-greater-than-base-power”. So this lord here turns that on for your whole team on your turn. Some designs I could see with that theme are:

  • If this creature has PGTBP it has haste
  • Deal 2 damage plus 1 for each creature you control with PGTBP
  • When this attacks, if its PGTBP, target creature can’t block this turn

I’m excited to see the rest of the cards and how these themes play out! Follow the new reveals on the Magic Set Editor Discord.