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  • Nouveau-mber Challenge Review

    Nouveau-mber Challenge Review

    We’re winding down on 2023 and asked you for your best cards using this year’s mechanics! We got battles, cybermans, Marvel characters (??) and a Wurmhole. Be sure to tune in!

  • Design League Finals! w/platypeople, LudosGD, redbay

    Design League Finals! w/platypeople, LudosGD, redbay

    Our big wrap up episode for Design League 2!!! We brought everyone on: the winner platypeople, runner-up Ludos, and league commissioner Redbay. We get the behind the scenes on the big finals submissions and also some insight on how RB put it all…

  • Set Spotlight – Hyperpop

    Set Spotlight – Hyperpop

    Kayiu hosts a look at color-blasted, music-infused future set Hyperpop! Creators platypeople and IgnitedxSoul give you a comprehensive look starting with abandoned mechanics, then talking through the featured keywords, into themes, and finally some Revolution constructed shots.