Design League Season 2 – The Finals

We have finally reached the final round of our Design League Season 2. After seven qualifiers and three tournament rounds, it all comes down to this.

LudosGD won Qualifier 6 – Not So Typical. They put together an impressive grouping of RW cards featuring the Triumph mechanic in the first tournament round. They took us on retreat to Ixalan with Jace and Vraska. And finally, they produced the best sampler from a pre-con with their Red Phoenixes deck.

platypeople won Qualifier 4 – It’s Unbelievable! platy gave us a show of intergalactic relations with their GU Draw-Two archetype. Mu Yanling got much needed reconciliation on Ikoria. And finally, platypeople gave us a Blue Illusions deck that clinched them a finals berth.

Mu Yanling, by platypeople from Tournament Round 2 – Weekend at Ajani’s

You know the competitors; now for the final challenge!

The Lies and Lives of Tibalt & Tamiyo

Tamiyo Art by Lius Lasahido and Tibalt Art by Yongjae Choi

Across the multiverse, Tamiyo left clues to a secret. When Tibalt found out, he decided to play a trick on potential pursuers, and started placing false scrolls and traps to throw them off the trail. Can you find the correct path across the planes and find the answer waiting at the end?

Your challenge is to design a Booster pack, representing an interplanar adventure as characters chase Tamiyo’s secret, with pitfalls left by the nefarious Tibalt. Your booster pack will be standard power level and representative of a fully draftable set named ‘The Lies and Lives of Tibalt & Tamiyo.’

For the purposes of this challenge, a Booster pack is:

  • 1 rare or mythic rare
  • 3 uncommons
  • 10 commons
  • 1 land (basic or collation specific land)
  • 1 token, advertisement, rules card

In your booster pack, we must see:

  • All five colors represented
  • At least one creature, instant, land, and sorcery card.
  • At least one artifact and/or enchantment card.
  • At most one planeswalker card.
  • At most one reprint, not including basic land.
  • At least one new game mechanic.
  • At most two non-evergreen returning MTG canon mechanics.

Your submission is expected to be presented in Booster Pack order. You may also include a 250 word synopsis for your flavor and mechanical choices.

As always, your submission can be in the form of all-text, renders with or without art and/or art description, or fully completed cards. All art used must be credited to the artist.

Your submission is due by 4:30PM PST, August 20th, 2023 and can be sent directly to Redbay on the Discord.