Design League Season 2 – Tournament Challenge 3

We’re getting back to some bread and butter MTG Design this week, with another callback challenge to an earlier qualifier.

In Qualifier 6, LudosGD won the challenge Not So Typical with Heist Mastermind. In that challenge, we were looking for a Headliner/Face Card for a creature type matters mono-black pre-con deck.

Our Third Tournament Challenge is:

The Usual Suspects

In this challenge, our designers are tasked with creating an 8 card sampler of a Mono-Colored, Creature-Type Matters Pre-Con. The following restrictions will be applied to the submission:

  • A mono-colored rare creature card that cares about a specific creature type, that acts as the Headliner/Face card for the pack.
  • Up to four creature cards with the aforementioned creature type.
  • One new card mechanic.
  • A mix of rarities (3 commons, 3-4 uncommons, 1-2 rares.)
  • No off-color activations, hybrid costs, or multicolored cards.
  • Standard power level for all card designs.
  • Additionally, our designers can include a Deck Name and up to 200 word sales-pitch to accompany their deck.

Your submission can come in any form– text only, card render without art/description, card render with art description, or card render with art.

Other than the sales pitch, you may only submit card designs and art descriptions. This excludes written explanation, additional token cards, rules cards, etc.

Oh, one last little bit– your colors have been assigned in WURG order, based on the scoring from the last tournament round:


Due Date

Your eight card submission is due August 7th at 4:30PM PST. Send it in a direct message to Redbay on Discord. You may resubmit any number of times up to the due date. Good luck, Designers!