Design League Season 2 – The Second Tournament Challenge

In last week’s challenge, our designers showed us Magic: In Space! We saw space ships, diplomats, space plants, and evil corporations. Perryk lead the way, scoring the highest rating from the judges with his RG Combat Spells matter archetype.

In this week’s challenge, we thought it was time to relax a bit. In MTG Canon, our main characters have been busy taking care of the Eldrazi, Bolas, and now the Phyrexians. In this tournament challenge, we believe these fine folks deserve a break.

Our Second Tournament Challenge is:

Weekend at Ajani’s

Bant, probably. [Generated in Midjourney.]

Challenge Requirements

Choose a canon Planeswalker, then design five cards as they enjoy some rest and relaxation at their favourite destination in the multiverse. Your cards should follow a narrative as that character enjoys their vacation.

  • One Planeswalker card, with your chosen Planeswalker.
  • The remaining four cards will depict and/or refer to that Planeswalker as they enjoy their vacation.
  • Additionally, the remaining four cards will not share a card type.
    • Combined types are acceptable. (e.g. You can have an artifact and an artifact creature.)
    • Artifact, battle, creature, enchantment, instant, land, planeswalker, and sorcery are card types.” -Atraxa, Grand Unifier
  • No rarity restrictions across the five cards.
  • Non-standard printing (Modern Masters, Horizons, Commander, Secret Lair type product.)
  • No limit on card mechanics (either canon or new.)

Your submission can come in any form– text only, card render without art/description, card render with art description, or card render with art.

For the purposes of this challenge, you may use deceased and/or de-sparked Planeswalkers.

In this round, you may only submit card designs and art descriptions. Judges should be able to determine card flavor, destination plane, and narrative without additional material (such as written explanation, additional token cards, rules cards, etc.)

Due Date

Your five card submission is due Tuesday, July 25th at 4:30PM PST. Send it in a direct message to Redbay on Discord. You may resubmit any number of times up to the due date.