Design League Season 2 – The First Tournament Challenge

It was May 23rd, 2023 when we started the second Season of Design League. Since then, we’ve conducted seven Qualifier Challenges, and now have our eight Tournament participants.

It is my pleasure to present Design League Season 2’s First Tournament Challenge:

To Triumph, and Beyond!

In our seventh qualifier, we explored Space and a new mechanic in ‘Triumph.’ Our first tournament challenge is a continuation and expansion of this qualifier.

Challenge Requirements

Design five cards for this ‘Space Opera Battle’ set. Each card design will showcase your interpretation of the Space Opera flavor, but will also be a part of a specific draft archetype. Your cards will have the following qualities:

  • Three commons.
  • One multicolored uncommon.
  • One rare or mythic.
  • At least one card with the ‘Triumph’ mechanic, as written on Intrepid Tri-Wing.
  • All five cards falling within a Standard power level.

You may also use up to one additional named mechanic in your submission, either as a new mechanic or as a returning canon mechanic [this does not include evergreen mechanics.]

Your submission can come in any form– text only, card render without art/description, card render with art description, or card render with art.

In this round, you may only submit card designs and art descriptions. Judges should be able to determine card flavor and draft archetype without additional material (such as written explanation, additional token cards, rules cards, etc.)

The Flavor Pitch

We opted to change things up a bit for this challenge– we asked what some of the judges would expect in a Space Opera set! (And I’ll add in my 2-bits as well.) We’re hoping these tidbits spark your imagination and give us cards demonstrating that Space Opera flavor.

Juliet: Propaganda. People being tempted into betraying (whatever they were before) for the expansive, incredible, hegemonic empire.

Mark: I think some sort of capital ship or superweapon is good to have. A literal battle cruiser for battle cruiser magic.

Juliet: A good new twist on Vehicles for either light fighter/space ships, big aircraft carrier ships, or mecha.

Redbay: That dichotomy between mastery of space travel yet not being able to handle a Dinosaur or carnivorous plant on an unexplored planet.

Mark: I feel like a lot of sci fi/space opera stuff has different planets with wildly different environments and moods. That seems like an important thing to capture creatively.

Juliet: And economic alliances across different species.

Due Date

Your five-card submission is due Wednesday July 12th at 4:30PM PST. Send it in a direct message to Redbay on Discord. You may resubmit any number of times up to the due date.